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You have some experience with PowerPoint but want to learn more? Take our free online test (level 2/5) and find out how much you really know about Power Point.

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(Multiple selection possible)

1. For which types of content can you create a placeholder in PowerPoint?

2. What is the difference between a Text Box and a placeholder in PowerPoint?

3. What is the benefit of working in the Outline view?

4. You have opened the "Custom Animation" task pane. What options does this window offer?

5. You have resized a number of large imported images in PowerPoint. You suddenly notice that the file size of your PowerPoint presentation has increased dramatically. How do you reduce the file size without losing image information?

6. You want to precisely arrange several large, equally-sized graphics next to one another in the content area. What do you do after selecting the graphics?

7. You want to insert a graphic in the left area, but you realise that it won't fit in the dimensions provided. Can you still use it?

8. You want to insert a very important portrait-layout PDF document in your landscape-format presentation. What do you do?

9. Which image file formats should not be used in PowerPoint?

10. Which command path would you follow if you want to be able to display your Presentation on both your own computer and computers that do not have PowerPoint installed? ?



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